Saturday, 7 March 2009



  1. Hello I am manuel of 1 ° 2 ° :) very good the blog
    pd: estoy firmando de mi blog XD

  2. 1-En mi familia estan mi papa mi mama y mi hermano
    2-Me encanta escuchar musica y tocar la Batería y la Guitarra eléctrica o criolla.
    3-Mi libro favorito es Narnia
    4-Mi animal favorito es el perro
    5-Mis juguetes facorios "eran" los soldaditos..

    Gastón 1º1ra

  3. Hello! I'm Bianca García Buscarini from 1º3ª. In my family there are my father, Carlos, my mother, Marisa, my sister, Noelia, and I. I love play with the play station 2, and play with my friends. My favourite book is "El fantasma de Counterville". My favourite animal is the dog. My favourite toy is Tuituina, she is a little pink bear.

  4. I am the head teacher at the Departamento . I am very happy: the students are writing in the blog!!

  5. Hi! I´m Mora Mariani from 1º 3ª .In my family there are me dad ,Gustavo, my mum ,Marcela, my old two brothers, Mauro and Tomas, and I . I love listening music dancing and reading .my favorite book is the saga(I don´t how say it) favorite animal is the dog .And my favorite toy was(eran) the barbies

  6. Hello! I'm Brenda Galli from 1º3ª. In my family there are my father, Angel, my mother, Cintia , my brother , Gonzalo, and I. I love play with the computer , . My favourite book is "Peter pan ". My favourite animal is the dog. My favourite toy is celular , she is a little red bear

  7. Hi! I`m Florencia Di Rosa from 1º3ª. In my family there are my dad, Marcelo, my mum, Roxana and me. My favourite hobbie is dancing and play volleyball. I like a book Crepusculo and my favourite animal is the dogs and dolphins. I haven`t got favourite toys, but I love the game "Monopoli". And finally I want to say that the blog is very good. Bye!

  8. hola soy martin galn 1°3°.chau

  9. Hi! I'm one of the teachers at CNLP. I'm really happy the students are leaving their messages here. Keep posting on the blog!!!

  10. I'm a agustina boquez, go to 1ro 10ma
    Have a mother , a fateher and a one brother, I don't hace a sister
    My fauvorite toy is jumange
    My fauvorite hobby is voleyball
    My fauvorite animal is a dog
    Bye! see you!

  11. Hello my name is Ramiro Guzman
    Go to 1º 3ª

  12. casi todos los que escribieron son de 1º 3ª

  13. We are 1º3ª. We like the blog

  14. Heello !
    I am Maariana to 1°3°.
    I Likee te bloog ! :)

  15. hello my name is cristofano Florence of 1º3º in my family they are: my mother alejendra, my father Juan Jose my brother Juan sebastian and I favorite my hobbi is to touch the guitar, to walk in skates and bicycle my favorite toy the letters and rollers are the table games my favorite book is farenheit 451 my favorite animal is the horse goodbye

  16. Hi, I'm Brenda Hernández Cadario of 1º 9º. In my family are my dad, Esteban, my mother Débora and my brother Mariano.
    My favourite hobby is use de computer, and my favourite animal is the dog.
    I like the book "The Canterville Ghost"-
    My favourite toy are the playstation 2,or the computer.

  17. Hi! I´m Rocio Gatti of 1°10° . In my family are my mother , my mother and I , y haven´t got sisters or brothers
    My favorite toy is the computer , my favorite book is Gaturro , and my favorite hobby is skateing.
    My favorite animals are the dog and the horse
    Bye !

  18. Hello! I'm Martin Cucchetti of 1ª 9ª. In my family are my mother Liliana , my father Omar my brothers Pablo and Matias and my sister Laura.
    My favourite hobby is football.
    I don`t like reading but I like Harry Potter
    My favourite animal is the dog
    My favourite toy is the playsation 3

  19. I have a mistake: is playstation no "playsation".
    Martin Cucchetti

  20. hello my name is pedro aragon,go to 1º3º I like music and you

  21. 1º6ª federico

    hobi mirar televition
    In my family there are my father, damian, my mother, carolina
    My favourite animal is the dog.

  22. Maria Victoria Ocampo 1º9º

    my family, my mom called carmen, nestor my dad, my brother anymore, my sister lucia. my favorite hobby is computer, mi favorite book is el "socoro" , my favorite animal is dog.